Athletic Tanlines

She had pretty eyes. Blue, but not cold. And this amazing athletic figure. Petite and tall, but strong. She was a volleyball player who was on the national team for Slovakia. She wasn't fully aware of her beauty. At least that's what they wanted to make guys believe.

A tall chick, adorable far beyond normality. Crazy, a bit. First time she agreed on a model shoot. I didn’t say what kind of photos were expected, but once I came to the penthouse bedroom she was totally bare and laying on her stomach. No need to give her any instructions for posing. A natural talent. or maybe not? Maybe she thought I was just hitting on her and picking her up from the coffee shop where we were introduced by a common friend? Is that a recipe for photo shooting that could end up wrong? Her sets used to show up at Women of the World and she looked gorgeous with her bottom up on the comfy penthouse bed.

eli agency


Jungmanova Penthouse Praha

waiting on bed bare butted

blury nude

handy pose

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