Florida Beach Babe


The salty ocean water is splashing in her toned legs while she struggles to get into the right pose. The sand keeps pounding on her and pulling her out in the water. Danica is a professional nude model and she has done many shootings, but the extreme sunlight on the beach is more demanding in many ways. Of course one has to be aware of by-passers. Some are just veuyeurs, but others are religious fanatics and outright dangerous.


Extreme lighting conditions like the strong sunshine are making it difficult to shoot beach nudes in Florida or any other beach as a matter of fact. Shadows are hard and there isn’t much models can do with makeup, it is just splashed away with the next wave. Experimenting with shots against the light is one challenge that works depending on position. The helping hand of a gaffer and his reflector are ending up throwing in the much needed support to make the pictures more beautiful.

beach bum
Mangroves in the back her naked body becomes part of a flesh composition.
beautiful pussy
With the sunshine pointing in one direction it shows a beautiful pussy on the beach.

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