Eurasian Dreamgirl

When Asian mother meets Western father and they have a daughter she will be a gorgeous Eurasian babe. This mix of genetic resources is overwhelmingly attractive.

Oriental women aren’t really famous for having the sexiest rear ends. They are mostly called flat-assed for that reason. Maybe except for Filipinas and Eurasians. Women that are mixed with Western and Asian genes have a bit more sophistication, sex appeal and something secretive about them. They are missing the shyness of their Fareastern sisters. The lack of that holding them back let’s us see an increasing number of European pussy on nude portals like McNudes. But who is the sexiest Eurasian on the net? This gallery gives a clear vote to Nici Dee. It is not exactly known what countries or regions her parents come from, but she lives and models out of Prague in the Czech Republic. Get seated for some prime Eurasian pussy!

Is there a single hair on her lower body? Very good hygiene. Finger licking sweetness. Nici is probably one of the most beautiful nude art models in the world. Observing normal Asian pussy after her can be a bit disappointing.

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