Fall in Love

Greyscale photos with low contrast are a splendid medium to translate mood into visual impact. This beautiful model is no longer the focus, but her mood. Are her feelings romantic or is she in doubt?

Despite the lack of colour, greyscale nudes are often shown with high contrast. A play for forms with light and shadows brings out the potentially important aspects of a frame. Black and white nudes low in contrast as these from ‘Fall in Lust’ are different. There is no real focus. Sure, the model doesn’t lack beauty and the images are well composed, but what do they tell? The person and her mood come into play. What do you think: What can she be thinking about?

Reading a woman’s mind has never been easy. Let’s just be happy about her talent to be like a piece of candy for the photographer’s lens who also captured her beautifully shaped bottom in 3 frames.

In a way low contrast translates to something like a blurry image. We need to ask deeply to find the intentions of the creator. But that’s probably not the only reason why we observe this sensationally sharp looking woman with her soft tones. Enjoyable.

laid back

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