Green Nudes

Spring doesn't just make flowers blossom. The growingly green landscape combined with rising temperatures is making people more daring. Green nudes in forest lakes followed by sunbathing are fun things to do when sunrays tickle bare skin.

Glades provide romantic shelter from the evil of the outside world. Sunshine in the middle of dense forest, a green pond, humming bees and singing birds. There is no better place for a busty naturist to rest for a few hours on a beautiful day like this. The Ukrainian model is a killer talent who is naturally beautiful and gifted at the same time. If you are interested in her front view in addition to her rear, then don’t hesitate to check her full gallery from the same pictorial here.

forest lake background

Ukraine naturist

busty by Hartmut

rear pussy

naked splits
“Can you help me putting on sun lotion on my back”, she whispers …

Soon, summer will send more beuatiful women to lakes and the seaside. Stand by for more green nudes during the upcoming vacation season.

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