Korean Snaps

Orientals are knows to have rather slim racks and therefore flat behinds, but there are lovely exceptions to the rule as we can see is this extraordinary shooting.

Modelling nakedly in Korea isn’t as much popular as in Japan or Russia. If it takes place it’s shared among a domestic audience, only. Koreans don’t really appreciate it when the hidden beauty of Korean women is presented outside of its borders what explains why so little is known about the erotic internet about Korea – and we are not even talking about North Korea, but about the more liberal South.

Korean amateur

Even in the US where you see tons of Chinese and Filipina women posing as import models for calendars, car shows and glossy nudes there are very few Korean models around. Tia Ling is probably the most known actress in the field.

bottomless on wooden stool

The Korean amateur in this pictorial certainly does her posing well while pointing attention to her rear side rather then a possibly slim profile that is most often associated with Korean women. Reality always prooves prejudice wrong as usual. Welcome to Korean nudes.

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