Kitchen Nudes

The domain of housewives and hungry girlfriends. The kitchen is a sacred place providing intimacy for what we put into out mouth and eyes. And it can be a lot more than just food. Look at the best nudes from the kitchen with views from behind.

two butts

When women show their bare butts inside the kitchen it is probably because they are hungry. Stoned women often stumble into the kitchen to look for some pre-cooked dish inside the fridge. When they bend down to look inside the refrigerator we often get a clean view of their intimacy from behind.

The roundest dream of a hungry woman. She was looking for lactose-free milk.

The search for food isn’t the only thing that drives naked women into the kitchen. Nudity in that room often means bad news for the husbands. When wives get lazy they think guys don’t need to eat anything as long as they have sex. Being married isn’t always easy.

Kitchen nudes are probably the most often taken pictures of naked partners aside from bedrooms and bathrooms. And all of that because women get hungry after sex. That leads to the idea of having more sex with your girlfriend as you can snap up a beautiful image of her bare ass when she hurries over to the fridge. Ohhh, you don’t want to overdo the sex thing, though. She might get a lot fatter if you do.

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