Pinay Wonders

Girls of The Philippines are Pinays in their home country. The Pacisfic islanders are a unique breed of Asians with Hsipanic and Chinese influences that make up for the prettiest butts and faces of the South East Asian rim of Volcanoes.

Exotic looks are they what we find exciting? But despite their tropical appeal there is something familiar in the faces of Filipina women. But what? The country of the Philippines has been ruled by Spanish occupation for centuries and made it the biggest Christian catholic country in Asia. They do look a bit like well tanned Spaniards, don’t they. Well, a bit around the cheeks and around their pubes for sure.

nudes in bathroom
The brown behind of a Pinay vixen.

Filipinas have sexy bodies that are attached to legs that appear a bit to short (Pacific Islanders). They are curvy (Spanish) and slender (Chinese) until they get older and the constant exposure to fatty local fast food takes its toll on their shapes … unless they move abroad as oversea foreign workers, OFW.

Cherry here is a synonym for flawless beauty of Visayan girls from the South of The Philippines. She isn’t as shy as most other brides, but she is as curious as a kitten. Pinay girls are very playful and happy to date foreigners. First thing they will say: ‘Hey, Joe!’. They make the best girlfriends on the planet. Always loyal and ready for sensuality.

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