Japanese Lesbians

Okinawan people are slim just like most women of Japan are. To say they have flat asses is a generalisation that doesn't do them justice. After all, it's not the size that determines beauty. Proportions are what makes or breaks perception.

Japanese erotica is often censored and leaves many ideas up to imagination. Most of it is either hardest smut that knows no limits or very soft gravure photography. It’s hard to find explicit nudity for admirers of female beauty. But there is this site with lesbians from Japan, that breaks and bends the rules since the crack rimming is being published outside the Emperors jurisdiction: Ura Lesbian.

Miori Maiand Yui Kasugano pose and eat each other out like tomboys having a lot of fun, naturally. It was their first lesbian makeout in a adult video production and it shows well on their pictorial and videos. Normally, Japanese erotic films deal with women as submissive love slaves. Despite their attractiveness they are seldomly elevated to a higher level of sesuous desires.

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