Sexy Yoga

Nikki is a fresh model who is ascending to starletdom thanks to her flexibly tight yoga body. Meditation and exercise make her body as spiffy as it is. Just look at the buttocks the naughty sister is revealing under her yoga pants.

Her coin slot is built by stretching and yoga. Working out every day with a purpose shows signs of success. It’s first seen from behind and there is no doubt Nikki turns a lot of heads even when people can’t see her face as she is rushing by on her roller blades along the California beach line.

The entire gallery with Nikki is online here and there is more if you scroll down a few inches.

Everey time Nikki bends over or lays down she reveals a spetacular panoramic view of her soft spots. You won’t believe what she is capable of dowing with her bits once she gets a hand on a hard toy.

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