American Milfs

Models are models because they are beautiful, but how about the average woman in America? How do true amateur butts compare to the glossy made up dolls?

Peeking into other people’s bedrooms isn’t just a vice for voyeurs. It’s a human desire to know what’s going on elsewhere. So is comparing your own partner’s qualities with other. True American amateurs: How do they copare to models? Do they have well shape behinds, too? Let’s have a look at a couple of Milfs who dared to show it all:


True amateur model
Stefania, 28 years old came into contact with a model photographer while she was out walking her dog around the neighborhood.


Harper, 34 years, all her a MILF! Although, she is also a very tiny girl, standing at the height of only 5 ’01. She is very shy and has never done anything even remotely similar to this nude modeling stuff in the past. In fact, she had a lot of fun at the shoot.


Alexia, 28 years old has never done any nude modeling before. Definitely very amateur and inexperienced with all of this stuff. However, when the photographer started talking to her about participating in his amateur modeling shoots while at a car dealer, it seemed like a real fun and exciting thing to do!

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