Filipina Amateurs

Sweet faces that don’t really look exclusively Asian: Filipinas have a bit of Hispanic genes mixed into their DNA. They may not always be the skinniest, but they certainly have some of the finest Pacific butts.

Manila Amateur

This amateur from Manila impresses with curves and lovely smiles. A certain warmth is exposed everytime she feels being eyeballed.

Filipina Ass

The women of the Philippines are not only exotic islanders, but amazingly shaped women who are adored for their warmth and sensuality. Need proof? Dig this cutie.

Double Trouble

Lingerie Model Xanny Diasdad has nothing in common with a sleeping pill. She is the cherriest woman walking this planet with an urge to impress. That’s why we make an exception and let her keep the panties on for Xmas.

Pantyhose Taiwan

Not too much is known about erotica from Taiwan, it lacks far behind in popularity. It’s a hidden gem of highly sophisticated nature.

Dirndl Beauty

Filipina import model Danica is one of the steamiest Eurasians from The Netherlands. Her bits are sparkling light stars in the sky.

Gravure Idols

Japan’s modeling industry is the biggest in the world. What’s fine art in the Western World is called ‘Gravure” in Japan. The models are a mix of amateurs and JAV idols, the eastern counterpart to adult actresses. Their beauty and looks are intriguing.

Hands on Her

This possessive gesture is intriguing. Obedience is a trademark behavior of desperate models. Does she model naked for the sake of making money or is it participation in role playing? Let’s find out what Marie is up to.

Short Legs

With short legs a butt will always look small, or is it the other way around? This casting pictorial inside a small hallway with three doors is a very simple setup with a photographer on a shoestring budget.

Nudist Camera

Chinese women are stunning. Their beautiful bodies are adored by fine art fans around the world, but very few of them actually are available online since the great Firewall blocks content from perforating the Chinese border. A few websites like Litu100 have tried, but the communist party made them close shop. What a loss.

Korean Snaps

Orientals are knows to have rather slim racks and therefore flat behinds, but there are lovely exceptions to the rule as we can see is this extraordinary shooting.

Pinay Wonders

Girls of The Philippines are Pinays in their home country. The Pacisfic islanders are a unique breed of Asians with Hsipanic and Chinese influences that make up for the prettiest butts and faces of the South East Asian rim of Volcanoes.

Japanese Lesbians

Okinawan people are slim just like most women of Japan are. To say they have flat asses is a generalisation that doesn’t do them justice. After all, it’s not the size that determines beauty. Proportions are what makes or breaks perception.

Eurasian Dreamgirl

When Asian mother meets Western father and they have a daughter she will be a gorgeous Eurasian babe. This mix of genetic resources is overwhelmingly attractive.

Muay Thai builds sexy Butts

Adorably gentle faces and feminine bodies are trademarks of Thai women. Their ancient martial art of Muay Thai helps them to shape tight coinslots into their behinds.