Short Legs

With short legs a butt will always look small, or is it the other way around? This casting pictorial inside a small hallway with three doors is a very simple setup with a photographer on a shoestring budget.

Thai women are probably those that have the tiniest butts in South East Asia and the genetic code still works two or three generations down the lane when they mix up with other Americans and immigrants from different countries. The proportions just look different and there are many fans who admire the beauty of Thai women.

short legged
Budget nudes: Even a small hallway with bright walls and a door can be used for nudes.

Another observation for South-East Asian beauties are facussing on their legs. In general they tend to be a lot shorter. They appear that way when pictures are taken from a high angle. Good photographers can compensate for that by picking a lower angle that will make legs look longer or by making Thai models pose while sitting or standing with different leg positions. This way they model would look less plump. But hey, there is nothing wrong with plump chicks. They do have their charme as Carolina shows.


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