Hands on Her

This possessive gesture is intriguing. Obedience is a trademark behavior of desperate models. Does she model naked for the sake of making money or is it participation in role playing? Let's find out what Marie is up to.

When Marie read the tiny add inside a local newspaper, ‘make money as a nude model’ she took her mobile and dialed the number. The photographer wouldn’t tell her how much she would be making exactly. ‘It depends on what your are willing to do”. She was willing to do about anything and she was curious. A few hours later she was invited inside the private apartment of a photographer who also lived on the premises.

At the end Marie found the shooting to be a breeze and she had some cash in her pocket. And she didn’t even needed to show her face as she was more concerned about being recognized by family and friends. She never said how much she got, but it wasn’t as much as what most people would think.


The last image sees her standing up from the wooden kitchen chair. A budget shoot and some pocket money for the model. Still better than nothing.

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    Dan Jameson

    Do you have the full video for Marie? I think I saw elsewhere she did a blowjob as well? I’d pay for it! Thanks!

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