Boxing Gloves

The ancient martial arts of Muay Thai provides participants with a total body workout. It's specially great for nudes models since it shapes nubile bodies into sensual perfection from all angles.

Sports and sensuality are cause and effect that usually don’t match with fighters. Who would find himself attracted to a woman who fights for a living and has countless marks on her bodies from injuries and accidents. Girls can pick to train like a fighter and not step in the ring for neither sparring nor competition. Now, that kind of training makes them fit and tones all of a woman’s beautiful body – best seen when naked from behind. Care about the name of the model: It is Belle and it means beautiful woman. The brand of her Muay Thai gloves is Boon, very basic and purist leather with minimal padding.

naked boxing


sports butt


boon Muay Thai

nak Muaythai

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