Cheeky Amateurs

Amateurs are beautiful and innocent when it comes to posing. The stage when they just started modelling and are into their third or fifth pictorial is usually when they show up on Cosmid girls, a website dedicated to the next door type girlfriends who dare to show their skin just as it were nothing special.

Yoga instructor
Bianca Rose is an yoga instructor from Detroit. The 21 year old Michigan model creates hit with both, her smile and her body. Imgine meeting her with her tight hotpants and yellow top in front of a Detroit fitness gym.

British redhead
She works in retail since her first job in the UK. Robyn isn’t afraid to loose her job in the aftermath of Brexit woes. She counts on her fellow British fans to keep calm and continue shopping for fashion and clothes in the store. The plump redhead fulfills about every prejudice people have towards British women. She is loud and plump and ignites the world around her with naughty jokes.

Inked skin and tanlines are a combination seldomly seen, but Julie Ambrose wears both with style. This 21 year old student from Maryland looks jolly within the parameters of her jeans shorts strip right behind the window frame. Using the soft light from the window makes her skin look as natural as it is. Smooth and active moves show devotion to a healthy life and a happy attitude. Flawlessness in ink!

Florida sales lady
Florida amateur Lidsay is the last model for today. The 25-year old sales lady loves to workout in the gym and there is plenty of evidence in her nudes she is serious about daily exercise.

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