Tan Lines

Real femmes like Petra are pure beauty. She is well aged and her body is adorably attractive. Not innocent like a teen, but still far apart from the lure of a mature woman. She is somewhere in the middle. How do you even call woman in their prime between 25 and 40? No, she is not a Milf babe at all.

Pure beauty magazine was one of the most outstanding online portals for nudes, but a few years ago it vanished like so many other similar websites. It’s never made public why such photography sites break apart. The models and photographers usually demand upmarket prices. It must have soemthing to do with the times getting harder for photography content in general. Video seems to be in higher demand. It’s more popular and a lot cheaper to produce compared to high-quality nude art photos.

In appreciation of Petras beauty this set was devoted to her funny tan lines putting a lovely frame around her butt and her natural bits. She must have been to a topless beach since her breasts showed no tan lines whatever. In most places in Europe topless sunbathing is pretty normal even in park inside the city. How more shocking could it get …

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