How To Take The Best Adult Pics And Videos In Public

If you want to take the best adult pics and videos in public, you need to know a few things beforehand. We have some advice for those who want to create public porn content, whether it’s meant for your personal collection or your OnlyFans account. Some tips and tricks will help you play it safe, while others are riskier. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught.

Solo Porn Pics In Public

This first piece of advice is for the ladies who want to take solo adult pics in public. The golden rule of taking naughty pictures and videos in public is to forget about lingerie. You don’t need a bra or panties to make the process more complicated. Crop tops and loose skirts are the best clothes you can wear in public when you want to take quick flashing pics. You can easily lift up your crop top and take a picture of your titties anywhere. And you can stretch your legs and lift your skirt in front of the camera to snap a pic of your pussy. The isles of a supermarket, the back seats of a bus, and the corner tables in restaurants are the best places to take public flashing photos.

Tips For Filming Sex Scenes In Public

Using the dress code tips of the previous paragraphs, couples can easily shoot some awesome photos and videos of naughty sex adventures in public. Men should wear sweatpants for obvious reasons. However, men should also wear boxers because if you need to put your dick away quickly, your boner will show in sweatpants.

If you don’t have any prior experience with real public sex, you should stick to handjobs and blowjobs in the beginning. The lady shouldn’t get onto her knees since it will be hard for her to get up in an emergency. Once you get used to the thrill, you can move on with other kinks. But make sure you’re not too loud.

As for places where you can shoot real public sex porn, you have big parks and hiking trails where the vegetation can offer you some coverage. You also have fitting rooms in big clothes stores. Always go with the big stores, because in the small ones, there’s always someone watching your moves. Needless to say, bathrooms are also perfect for quickies. And although elevators would also seem like a good idea, they are risky. We suggest sticking to flashing content in the elevator.


How To Shoot Real Public Exposure Kinks Safely

If you have a public exposure fantasy and you want to see your partner naked on the street surrounded by strangers, you need to pick the right place and the right time. It’s a kink reserved for the ladies. Europe is the best vacation spot for any of your public exposure kinks. And we recommend doing it at night around clubs or pubs. No partygoers will get mad if they see a naked woman walking down the street. What you also need to have is a clear plan. You don’t just get naked in a random spot. Have a preset path you’ll be walking, and have a getaway car. Never walk naked in public for more than a minute so that you won’t give strangers the time to react.

You can use your imagination and develop all kinds of other kinks for your public fetish content. These are just the basic rules to do it safely. Go out there and experiment! But never push your limits too much!

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