Lilly Rader

Red lipstick and a scent of cheap French perfume is what lusty newcomers transpire. Rookie babes like Lilly are a pleasure and joy to observe. Jumpy like a pinball wizard and radiant like a nuclear emergency.

Watching rookie babes perform in front of a lens is like observing a kid waiting for Santa Claus. Lilly just can’t get enough of the attention she receives from the photographer who has no problems getting a lot of good smooth shots on his memory card. The tease is not a tease, but a flashy deisplay of her assets and her value.

Full Gallery: This Year’s Model

Lilly Rader is precious, a lot more than her lipstick. It would be cool to see more pictorials of her with a different colour on her lips. She needs to further explore her identity and find her unique style. Red was her first obvious choice. Keep it up babe.

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