Mermaid at Poolside

Everybody loves swimming pools. They are a standard feature in luxury homes and every successful man who owns a luxury home dreams about having that trophy wife gracing poolside with her gorgeous naked body. This fantasy makes man work harder than anything else

And what happens when this gorgeous trophy wife is at home. She goes swimming naked and lounges around the swimming pool. Watching her through the window is a pleasure. Better keep her busy in bed and take her shopping. Otherwise she will get lonely and try to make friends with the pool boy.

Don’t we all want to be pool boys at a mansion with a hot blonde mermaid like her? The tanlines on her pretty ass are very sensuous to say the least. She is fit not just because it is summer. There is no excessive weight at all on her gluteus and her thighs are well shaped. Flawless midsection. Everything is perfect.
Yet, she is lonely.

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