Plump Lovers

Plain white sheets and a large window with backlight is that perfect luxury setting for a double girl pictorial. Chinese Mai and Mexican Kym leave no doubt about their different heritage. Yet, they both have bulky and beefy behinds to explore and show off.

Ambya models Kym and Mai adore each other. They first met for a photo shooting in Riverside near LA and were on solo trips at that day. Spontanuously, they joined up for a double gig.

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While both are American Kym is originally from Mexico and Mai from China. Two models that are from far apart locations on our planet. Yet, they do mix up well in the same bed, not just for their similarities in corpulent frame.

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Both models have amazing white skin. Maybe it’s true what they say. Chubby girls are more flawless and they do have a lot more fun in the bed.

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