The Best Ways For Giving Her Intense Orgasms

It’s crucial to remember that everyone differs and that one person might not necessarily be the same as another. It’s critical to discuss what makes you feel good with your spouse and ensure you have the exact definition of pleasure. A delightful approach to discovering your pleasure and closeness with a partner is through clitoral stimulation. Putting your enjoyment first and giving yourself enough time to determine what makes you feel good is crucial. It’s critical to master the proper clitoral stimulation techniques if you want to have solid and shaky orgasms during sex. Let’s discover some enjoyable clit stimulation methods to make masturbation much more enjoyable!

Squeezing her clitoral area

There are several ways to accomplish clit stimulation; you only need to experiment to find the precise methods that feel the finest to you. The primary method you’ll use is to grip, squeeze, and move the skin folds directly surrounding and covering your clitoris so that your clitoris is wedged between them. This implies that you’ll never be in clitoris-to-clitoris contact.

Thumbs and forefingers will be used for this task. You can feel the pressure it creates on your clitoris as you compress these skin folds between your fingers. Start by maintaining the skin folds firmly in between your fingertips. Then, start moving your hand from side to side or up and down while maintaining firm contact with the wrinkles of the skin between your fingers. Because everyone has different tastes, it’s essential to experiment with this approach and squeeze various regions until you find what you like, like the XPAJA account, where you can find the best raw porn with the intense stimulation of sexual desires.

Use different sex positions for her clit

Angles are crucial. Maybe you’re having trouble with one sexual position.
But you and your lover may also try out a variety of other enjoyable and flirtatious sex positions.
For example, the reverse cowgirl posture is excellent for clitoris stimulation. Face away from your spouse rather than towards them as you straddle them. The strength and kind of pleasure you experience can also be influenced by how you stimulate your clitoris. For instance, you could discover that you like to be on top of the ground or all fours, or you might prefer to lie on your back with your legs open. Try out a few different postures to discover which suits you the best, as Homemade Porn makes you go crazy every time you watch. It feels like you’re in it, striking her hard.

The stimulation of the Vulcan clit

The Man Missionary and Cowgirl are two females in top sex positions that benefit most from the following clitoral stimulation technique. First, he has to descend his hand, palm facing down, along the midline of his stomach while you are on top of him and he is lying down. Then, to make the Vulcan motion, he must widen his fingers apart when he reaches his penis. His knuckles and fingers are incredibly firm, so forcing your body weight against them might cause some tremendous grinding.


Everyone is distinctive; what functions for one person may not work for another. Experimenting with different strokes and moods until you discover the best one is the key. It’s ideal to keep in mind that experiencing an orgasm is not what you should strive for. Because the human body is capable of experiencing a variety of pleasures, it would be beneficial if you focused on the experience and the feelings rather than obsessing with the orgasm.

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