Three Cam Kinks For Submissive Men That You Should Try Tonight

Being submissive as a man is no longer a taboo these days. But finding the right mistress who understands your desires and takes pleasure in sexually torturing and enslaving you can be tricky. Most women do it just for the sake of their partner. And the lack of passion on their side kills the mood. If you don’t have a mistress in your life, you should look into the wonderful world of live sex cams. Not only does the internet offer so many online mistresses who can dominate you through the camera, but they also have experience and kink knowledge to turn sex cam shows into BDSM adventures you’ll never forget. Here are some of the most common kinks you can experience in a private session with an online domina.

Feet Worshipping

Let’s start easy and talk about the least extreme kink that can be enjoyed in a live sex experience. Feet worshiping is growing in popularity these days. If you are into this fetish and want to feel like a slave at the feet of a goddess, you’ll find lots of dominas who specialize in feet worshipping. Most of them are over 30, and many are MILFs. They’re usually elegant ladies wearing skirts and stockings or nylon pantyhose and high heels. Most have their camera on the floor pointed at their feet to give you the POV experience of a kneeling slave. They have many ways to bring excitement into these feet-worshiping shows. But you’ll have to do your part and listen to their commands. The feet worshiping will also come with themed JOI and dirty talking. You’ll hear them talk about the extreme things they’d do to your face and cock using just their feet.

Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation (often abbreviated SPH) is one of the most brutal ways of getting degraded by a mistress in a live camming session. Dominant women take so much pleasure in trashing men for the size of their dicks. If you’re into getting size compared and humiliated, plenty of mistresses will hurt you in ways you can’t imagine. Some of the most brutal ones are the ebony mistresses and the MILF dominas. Both black girls and MILFs have experience with large cocks. And they know exactly how much smaller yours is. For the best SPH experience, you must turn on your camera and expose yourself to your mistress. That’s when the humiliation will become real.

Orgasm Denial

You’ve surely edged yourself when jerking off before just to make your orgasms feel more intense. That’s the pleasure you will get from an orgasm denial cam show. But the edging will be in the control of a mistress, and she will decide when you can touch yourself and when you must stop. These kinds of shows are highly interactive. And they’re also cam shows where you’ll get the most action from the dominas. They will get completely naked, tease you with moves and dirty talking, and even masturbate in front of their live slave. All this to make you horny and feel like your cock is going to explode. Knowing that you can’t contain yourself and that your satisfaction is entirely in their hands gives them a power trip that makes them feel extra horny. You might even make a dominatrix cum by listening to her and not cumming.

Try any of these three kinks tonight, and you will notice an instant improvement in how you please your needs as a submissive man. Even though these types of shows might sound hellish, if you’re a true sub, suffering is all you need for satisfaction.

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