Hot Lola

Kitchens make great places for casual pictures. A quick snap of her while she rest on a stool for a zip of hot tea can become a wonderful image for imspiration. A documentation of desire and beauty.

Normally, Lola Sinclair poses in photo studios and in more sophisticated locations, but her under exposed snap shots from the kitchen speak a better language than the otherwise sterile backdrops. It’s dirty and moody with a slight teint of destruction. Maybe she is hung over from a party last night? Not the time to pose for pictures. The images are almost so poor that a the photographer desrves a slap on the back of their head, but they are authentic and real. Surreal like an artists painting. Maybe they were staged and just sabotaged? Either way, Lola looks like the woman one wants to wake up with the morning after coming home from a wild party. An acquaintance worth dreaming about.

Her body is one of the tightest Nakedby has ever seen:
New Gallery with Lola Sinclair

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