The Day After

How does the woman from last night look the day after? Some chicks look different without make-up and clothes - and of course without the influence of alcohol. From behind things look splendid. She is looking for tea leaves up the shelf.

Ever fell asleep after a steamy night with a one-night stand and woke up with her wondering around the house naked? Does she look as hot as last night? Is she still pretty in bright daylight and without make-up? A throbbing question. Some guys pretend to be deeply asleep and wait until she has left, but with Slava Konevs in the kitchen it would be a mistake. The aspiring actress and model has an amazing angle to her acrobatic moves and an innocent pitch to her character.

Slava is working out in kickboxing to stay fit and her abs are amazing. Good to see that her gym workout creates such a fantastic butt, too. Her full gallery update can be experienced on this sample page from Zishy. Zach has shot some amazing footage with her.

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