Women’s Boxing

High impact workouts like boxing and other fighting sports give women that man killer looks. Come on. Let's get it on!

Punching a heavy bag with boxing gloves is fun and fun is all what girls want. The leather smells with it distinct, long lasting scent of eternity. That’s what good boxing gloves are made of. The odor of sweat on the the skin of an athlete and the vapor arising from the shampooed and conditioned hair are unique to fighters who hit the gab with the vicious intend of hurting it. They visualize and opponent stronger than them, maybe a mean, big dude who just won the last Ultimate Fighting Championships. That’s why you see her lift her leg here and there as she attempts a knee strike to the target. Busting balls is a crazy and painful fetish many female fighters have towards sparring matches with men. It makes them so dangerous. What fetishes and fantasies do man have in return? Licking off her sweat after an intense workout? That probably something she will not enjoy inside a fight dojo. Old farts like you have bad breath and they will just knee jerk you right in your face. What a pity. It was a great fantasy to eat out the seat from a female boxer’s crack. In the mean time I just take care of her boxing gloves to warm my balls when it gets cold at night.

Boxing workouts have similar effects to butt body and fitness like Muay Thai workouts with boxing gloves. The punching and motion of pushing off made the gluteus maximus get it great shape.

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